Hi-Perf Stuff for Sale

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) We stock a wide variety of Mercruiser Hi-Performance parts, call or e-mail us.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Brand new, in the box, 1.125 RH lower gears sets for SSM III and SSM IV

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Set of seven used triple axle trailer tires and rims. 9.50 X 16.5LT Uniroyals, 8 lug, 15 spoke, Aluminum rims, with lugs, $500.00 for all.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) 350 Magnum longblock, roller motor, ingested fresh water, needs rebuilding, $500.00  SOLD

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Ragin' Cajun Bass Boat, 18.5 feet, red and black metal flake, clear coated in Imron, new carpet, 150 HP, 2.7L Suzuki Outboard, 2 stroke EFI, matching trailer with new rims, tires and bearings, probably the cleanest Cajun you will ever see, runs excellent, $7500.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Brand new, in the box, LH and RH SSM IIIA and SSM V prop shafts

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Brand new, in the box, Upper gear sets for SSM IIIA and SSM V, available in 1.44 and 1.31 ratios

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Used SSM IIIA lower housings, with nose cone assemblies, $3000.00 each

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Used SSM IIIA upper housings, $2000.00 each

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Used SSM III upper complete, almost new, 1:1 ratio $2500.00  SOLD

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) We have hundreds of used NLA parts for SSM III, SSM IV, SSM IIIA, SSM V and SSM VI, give us a call!

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Used lower front and rear verticle drive shafts for SSM IIIA, $850.00 front, $650.00 rear

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Pair 280S K-Planes, used, need rebuilding.  $500.00 for the pair.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) NLA SSM III and IV upper gears sets, used, excellent condition.  1.25 ratio.  $1500.00 and $2000.00 respectively.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Re-manufactured SSM VI Hi-Perf race trim pumps.  $800.00 each

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Latham single engine throttle/shift box, used, good condition, $250.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Misc SSM props.  Call or E-mail us with your specs.  Selection changes daily.
                Special Sale Single props, all 3-blade, SSM cleavers, 1-3/8"propshaft, 6" hub, 16-1/2x28 LH, 15x31 LH,
                17x28 LH, 15x28 LH, 15x26 RH (4"hub), $600.00 each.


                       SmLilBert.jpg (22328 bytes)

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) 28' Bertram Baron 'go fast' boat (not a sport fish, pictured above), only eleven made in the world, twin 350 Chevy's, 415 hours since new, triple axel trailer included, too many things to list, $35K/offers.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Wide selection of used SSM VI drive parts,  Call or email for info.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Dual cooler Bell Housing complete, used, excellent condition, mostly fresh water, late model, $1500.00/pair.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Land n' Sea Stern Jacker for Bravo, rebuilt, complete with rams, $1500.00. **Two Available**

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Two used Gil tubular BB Chevy front motor mounts for v-bottom, $200.00 for the pair.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)Pair Kiekhaefer throttle boxes, all stainless steel, $600.00 for the pair.

 Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Two sets, Used heavy duty Kiekhaefer front and rear lower verticle driveshafts for SSM III, $1500.00 for each set.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Rebuilt Alpha One Gen II lower only, complete, $1500.00.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes)  SSM VI dry sump prop shafts, Used, re-con, Speedi-Sleeved, no welding, $1000.00 Each.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) We stock a wide variety of Mercruiser Hi-Performance parts.  If we don't have it, we can get it for you.   Call or email with your needs or requests.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes) Please visit our Transmissions page, click here, for additional sale items.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Please visit our Rebuilt Drives and Transom Plates page, click here, for additional sale items.

Wbw02srb.gif (2394 bytes) Pair 450S 'K' afterplanes.  Rebuilt.   20 inches wide and 21 inches long.  Twin cylinder.  Make an offer!

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  TRII props, RH, 19" and 21" pitch, $300.00 each.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Used SSM III, IV, V outside transom plate, excellent condition. $500.00.  This is NOT a complete gimbal    housing.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  We have plenty of good used SSM III and SSM IV parts, call or email us with your request.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  1:1 Lower gear sets for SSM III and SSM IV, RH and LH, $1000.00 per set.

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Clean, Fresh Water, 2.5 L Mercruiser Complete Engine, Used, Rebuilt Carb, Manifold and Riser almost new, runs excellent, $1000.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Volvo, 270T, drive and transom assembly with factory power trim and flywheel housing, would be great for an older single engine Cigarette or Donzi, without power trim, $1000.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  We have plenty of older Volvo drive parts, give us a call!

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Used MK II Mercruiser SuperSpeedmaster good condition, lower only, $1000.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Used 500 EFI intake, plenum, throttle body, injectors, etc. $1000.00

Wbw02slb.gif (2394 bytes)  Rebuilt Hi Perf, trim cylinders, for SSM III, SSM IV or TRS, $450.00 each.


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Phone:  386-734-3133

333 North Adelle Avenue
DeLand, FL 32720

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